Do you want to live a long life?
Do you want to live a long life? What does the Bible say about how to guarantee yourself a long life?

Should a Christian celebrate Christmas?
Is Christmas truly a Christian holiday? Is Christmas something a Christian should participate in?

Does God still speak?
Does God still speak to us today? Or, since the Bible is perfect and complete, is there no longer any need for additional revelation from God?

Crash and Turn
Does God use injuries and sickness to teach us? Why does it often take something traumatic to get our attention?

How can I recover from a failed adoption?
How should a Christian respond to a failed adoption attempt? What should a Christian do when plans that appeared to be God's will fall apart?

What is up with Millennials?
What is up with Millennials (aka Generation Y)? Are there really some traits that are unique to Millennials, not found in any of the other generations?

Why am I a young earth creationist?
Why am I a young earth creationist? Isn't it hard to be a young earth creationist when it makes most of the world think you are a backwards, ignorant caveman?

The Atheist Fairy Tale
Atheists accuse Christians, and other theists, of believing in fairy tales. Is atheism truly any different? How would an atheist fairy tale read?

The Christian and Depression
Shouldn't Christians be able to overcome depression, even clinical depression, through the power of the Holy Spirit?

Is sinlessness possible?
Is sinless perfection / entire sanctification possible? In the Christian life, is it possible to achieve permanent sinlessness?