Why am I a young earth creationist?
Why am I a young earth creationist? Isn't it hard to be a young earth creationist when it makes most of the world think you are a backwards, ignorant caveman?

Is sinlessness possible?
Is sinless perfection / entire sanctification possible? In the Christian life, is it possible to achieve permanent sinlessness?

Why does God sometimes work in mysterious ways?
Why does God sometimes do things in ways that seem strange, illogical, or even backwards to us? Why do God's ways have to be so mysterious?

Is it wrong to be a solo Christian?
What’s wrong with being a solo Christian? Can’t I live the Christian life on my own? Why should I spend time with other Christians instead of going solo on my spiritual journey?

Are Christians under the Old Covenant?
Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament Law? Does God expect New Covenant believers to submit themselves to the laws of the Old Covenant?

Is the Bible trustworthy?
Is the Bible worthy of my trust? Can I trust the Bible on non-spiritual topics? If the Bible has errors in science and history, should I trust what it says about God, Jesus, salvation, etc.?

My Jesus...” — Making God in the image of man
My Jesus... The Jesus I worship... What is the difference between man being made in the image of God and God being made in the image of man?

What are signs of the end times?
What are the signs of the end times? What world events would definitely be signs that indicate the end times are fast approaching?

Is speeding a sin?
Is speeding a sin? Does Romans 13:1-7 really mean that it is a sin to break any law the government institutes?

Who are the true Israelites?
Who are the true Israelites? Why are there so many different groups claiming to be the true Israelites?

Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?
How should a Christian respond to unanswered prayer? What should a Christian do if he/she asks God for bread and God gives a stone?

What is the Golden Rule?
What is the Golden Rule? What is the correct understanding of the command to do to others what you would have them do to you?

Why is pride a sin?
Why does the Bible teach that pride is a sin? Why is it a sin to feel proud of something you have accomplished?

Christians in business — shouldn't we be different...in a good way?
Why is it sometimes so frustrating to do business with Christians? Why do some people try to avoid doing business with Christians?

Can a Christian consider alternative medicine?
How can a Christian determine if a form of medicine or type of medical treatment is ungodly/unbiblical?