Trinity Poem

I am taking some seminary courses in an attempt to keep myself reasonably fresh on theological trends. For one of my courses, I had to do a creative project on the Trinity. The professor encouraged the students to compose/perform a song, or paint/draw some artwork, or develop some sort of craft...all of which are entirely outside of my skillset. I got permission to instead write a poem. Essentially, I took the detailed doctrinal statement on the Trinity we had to write for the class and adapted it into a rhyming poem. It's a little corny at times (intentionally so), but overall, I think it packs quite a bit of theological truth. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

In one true God I believe.
To this truth I strongly cleave.
He exists as both one and three.
Equal in glory for eternity.

In His nature God is one.
And at the same time Father, Spirit, and Son.
Tritheism you should definitely shun.
But God has been three since before time begun.

This God who is both one and three,
Is thrice holy, almighty, and infinity.
He won't change, can't sin, and loves even me.
Full of grace, love, and unbounded mercy.
He is Creator of all, what you can and can't see.

God the Father is the source of all things.
The sovereign Lord, He rules over kings.
As Judge, true and pure justice He brings.
And at the same time, reconciliation He sings.

In His Word, He declares I AM as His name.
Told to Moses from the bush strangely aflame.
In its core meaning, Yahweh is the same.
Elohim and Adonai, He did also proclaim.

God the Son is the Lord Jesus Christ.
Both God and man, united, not spliced.
For the sins of the world He was sacrificed.
And His resurrection proved the payment sufficed.

Very God of very God, as the Father the same.
The Creator of all, perfect, without blame.
From the pure womb of Mary, a miracle, He came.
He healed the blind, the leper, the deaf, and the lame.

Perfect God and perfect man, how can this be?
His natures united, not mixed, mystery.
His life He lived perfect, of sin He was free.
In His kenosis, humility for all to see.

Everything promised, He has or will fulfill.
The Law, it came to an end on that hill.
The Lamb of God they decided to kill.
By Pontius Pilate, the Pharisees' shill.

Crucified and buried, most definitely dead.
For the sins of the world, His blood was shed.
For three days, the tomb was His bed.
And then His life returned, just as He said.
Witnessed by many, the truth was then spread.
That with faith in Christ, there is nothing to dread.

In His death and resurrection He did provide:
Salvation, redemption, and wrath satisfied.
Just believe and you will be justified.
Forgiven and cleansed, all your sins set aside.
He ascended to heaven, quite the joyride.
Mediation He offers, at the Father's right side.

God the Holy Spirit, the third of the three.
In the Godhead, true and co-equally.
From the Father through the Son proceeding eternally.
No true need for the filioque controversy.

Counselor and Helper, our true Paraclete.
With power for holy living, He is replete.
He gave us the Word, its truth concrete.
And for His aid, we can always entreat.

The truth of the Word, He will illuminate.
Whether English or Spanish, or the Latin Vulgate.
He baptizes, indwells, His guidance not late.
And gifts He disperses, to fulfill Christ's mandate.

These truths are there for all to see.
In the pages of Scripture, God says us and we.
Some verses say one, while others say three.
So, stop the fighting, instead, bend the knee.

In the triune God, trust, has been the plea.
By Athanasius, Augustine, and St. Hilary.
With others as early as the second century.
And perhaps best clarified by the Cappadocian three.

For 2000 years there has been much debate.
And at other times, it isn't given much weight.
The truth some will love, while others will hate.
In the end all will agree, this Triune God, He's great!

S. Michael Houdmann

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Trinity Poem